Ashton started the journey with 16 allergens (egg, peanut, 7 tree nuts, 3 seeds, 4 shellfish).  Our family life was very limited, I cooked every single meal at home from fresh ingredients, no vacation, play dates, and seriously thinking that homeschooling was our only option.  


Ashton completed OIT for egg,  peanut, hazelnut and cashew in 6 months with the help of Xolair (5 shots).  After OIT completion, we challenged the remaining tree nuts and seeds, and to our surprise he passed all challenges.  


Ashton has been in maintenance for 1 year and he regularly eats the nuts and seeds that he challenged/passed.  He goes to a regular school, engages in sports, attends birthday parties and takes his dose after dinner daily.  He has not experienced any reactions so far, but continues to carry Epi-pen.  If we ever get questions over illness or any other concerns we call Whitney and she is the best at answering and helping us any time we call.  


This year we went to Disneyland for our first family vacation.  We ate out, dosed and had our first glimpse of a regular life!  Ashton remains allergic to 4 shellfish, which are our next target for OIT.

In the words of Ashton's mom...