In the words of Brody and Cael's mom...

In the year before completing OIT with Whitney, our family spent Mother’s Day, Superbowl Sunday, and New Year’s Eve in the hospital emergency room.   We felt tremendous despair that our boys’ lives would never feel safe or normal, and their food options were extremely limited.  Years earlier, they screened for a clinical trial but did not meet the criteria for that particular study.


Our hopelessness turned into hope when Brody and Cael started OIT with Xolair under Whitney's care in private practice.  The boys began OIT with trepidation, due to their many experiences of allergic reactions and hospital visits.  Throughout the process they found their bravery and became medical advocates for themselves and others – always reading labels, asking about ingredients, and including friends with food allergies at school and sports settings.


Cael completed OIT for egg, walnut, hazelnut and peanut in 5 months while Brody’s journey took 7 months to be treated for egg, walnut, peanut, almond, cashew, brazil nut as well as sesame, pumpkin and flax seeds.  They love to swim and play other sports and were able to continue those activities simply by not dosing within 2 hours of doing them.  Now the boys miss their appointments with Whitney and can’t wait to see her again to food challenge larger amounts of their allergens.  Of course, we still carry epi-pens everywhere, but OIT has given our family peace of mind that if Brody or Cael accidentally encounter their allergens at restaurants, school or while on vacation their bodies will be more conditioned to handle it.