Who's eligible?

  • Children age 4 to 11 months old

  • Infants trying food for the first time

  • Infants with or without eczema and/or family history of allergies

Who's not eligible?

  • Children younger than 4 months and older than 11 months

  • Infant deemed at increased risk of a reaction by a National Allergy Center clinician on day of appointment

At the appointment:

  • Collection of a comprehensive food allergy and general medical history

  • If necessary a skin prick test to food that is being tried for the first time

After the appointment:

  • If your child tolerates the food introduction in clinic then you will need to ensure the food is consumed in his/her diet a minimum of 3 times per week

Interested in the early allergen introduction clinic?

Email the nearest location to you to inquire about availability!

Northern California:  eatit.redwoodcity@nationalallergycenter.com

Southern California: