What sets our clinic apart:

Save Time

By treating multiple allergens at the same time and/or using a medication to accelerate the treatment process, many patients can be safely eating their allergen food(s) in as little as 3 months.

Eat worry free

After completing therapy most patients and their families live with less fear and anxiety as well as a higher quality of life.

Experienced Clinicians

All our clinicians have been trained to implement safe evidence based protocols.

Multiple Allergens

Get treated for multiple allergens at the same time.


The option to use Xolair which has been shown to be safe and effective in accelerating treatment.

Start As young as 12 months

Treatment can be safely performed with kids as young as 1 year old up until late adulthood.

What are the prices for OIT services? Please visit https://www.wmboit.com/pricing or click the pricing tab at the top of this page for information on prices for OIT services.

Why does Whitney not take insurance right now? Most insurance policies explicitly state that any therapy for food allergies is not covered. Until/unless OIT is covered by a significant number of insurance policies, we will continue being a bill-for-service model.

Can I try to get reimbursed from my insurance? 

You can definitely try. We will give you the codes that insurance will ask for and other information you need upon request so you can submit on your own to your insurance. Regardless if insurance reimburses you or not, you will still owe for whatever services are rendered at your visit.