Patient Thoughts

Charlotte tries a Snickers for the first time!

Charlotte, age 7, treated for peanut, cashew, pistachio, hazelnut, walnut, pecan

"We chose to have Isaac go through the process very young so he wouldn't remember it."

Crystal, mother of 4 year old

"Whitney's experience made all the difference!"

Alicia, mother of 2 year old

"Rachel started the E.A.T. I.T.® Program using Xolair and that forever changed our lives."

Charity, mother of 16 year old

"It's just a game changer.  For the rest of my life I'll be able to be a normal kid  "

Rachel, age 16, treated for peanut

"The anxiety of being a food allergy parent and living with food allergies has dissipated completely."

Tracy, mother of Brandlyn (11 years old) treated for peanuts and Leah (9 years old) treated for walnuts and pecans

"I don't want to leave my kids without a mother."

Melanie treated for peanut and tree nut

"For the very first time in 12 years I did not feel stressed about the food we ate."

Suzanne, mother of Spencer (14 years old) 

"When I finished my initial dose escalation day I went to Starbucks and that was the first day I felt like a normal kid."

Spencer, age 14, treated for peanut

"I wish this had been available sooner."

George, father of Loghan (11 years old)

Loghan was excited and nervous but felt safe at National Allergy Center

Loghan, age 11, treated for peanut

"My mind was blown from just those first visits."

Melissa, mother of Grant (11 years old)

"I couldn't believe this would work, but it did!"

Grant, age 11, treated for multiple allergens