Research Highlights

Encouraging the mindset that symptoms can signal desensitization improves OIT experience and outcomes.
Laboratory tests demonstrate variation of one type of immune cell activity between peanut allergic and non-allergic patients.
Xolair aids safety, speed, and effectiveness of OIT.
Sustained desensitization is achievable by continuing to eat your allergens after OIT.
A low (300mg protein) maintenance dose can allow you to remain desensitized to higher amounts (2g or more).
Unnecessary elimination of tree nuts can lead to an allergy years later.
Blood tests and food challenges show a link between cashew/pistachio and walnut/pecan/hazelnut allergies.
Although there is a link between lab results (skin and blood tests) for cashew/pistachio and walnut/pecan, there is no relationship between the amount of allergen causing a reaction for these allergen pairs.
Patients who completed multiple allergen OIT and maintained 300mg-2g protein on a regular basis remained desensitized to 2g protein after 1.5-6 years.
A reaction to one food and subsequent follow-up blood tests can lead patients to avoid other foods unnecessarily.
A review of six Xolair + OIT studies showed the maximum allergen dose achieved at initial dose escalation day.
Guidelines for diagnosing food allergy.
Quality of life is significantly improved two years after starting OIT.