What to Expect

Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment

The first step in your process is a 60-90 minute screening appointment.  At this appointment you'll meet your care team and an experienced clinician will:

  • Gather medical history including allergic reactions, asthma, eczema, and allergic rhinitis history 

  • Discuss your goals with treatment

  • Collect/order labs including IgE testing (no unnecessary or unproven tests)

  • Collect/do skin prick testing

  • Explain how therapy works-safety is our first priority

  • Answer questions you may have

Your Personalized E.A.T. I.T.® Program Plan

At the second visit we'll present your allergic profile and breakdown foods into three groups:

  • Allergic foods are foods that will be included in therapy

  • Sensitized foods are foods that you may have tested positive for on skin testing and/or blood testing and/or have an unclear allergic history to and thus a food challenge is recommended to prove you are not truly allergic.

  • Tolerant foods are foods that you are not allergic to and you can safely try at home. 

We will also review options for therapy including various maintenance doses and the option to use of Xolair (if eligible) as well as how long therapy will take to complete.  If time permits we may be able to complete a food challenge, your first Xolair injection (if applicable) or your initial dose escalation day the same day.

Your Personalized E.A.T. I.T.® Program Plan

Your Initial Dose Escalation Day

At your initial dose escalation day we will:

  • Perform a physical exam

  • Do a breathing test (if applicable)

  • Obtain vital signs

  • Start dosing at an extremely low dose according to your customized plan and escalate every 30 minute to start training the body that the food is safe and not a danger

  • Monitor for a minimum of 2 hours prior to being sent home with all the necessary supplies and instructions for success 

  • Grant you access to our 24 hour urgent dosing and medical questions on-call support.  You are never alone.

Your Dose Escalation Appointments

Each dose escalation appointment: 

  • Will include a discussion about how dosing has been since your last appointment 

  • Will include a physical exam and breathing test (if applicable)

  • You will be given the next dose on your customized dosing schedule

  • We will monitor you for an appropriate of time

  • Lasts about 1.5 hours

  • Occurs typically every 2 weeks but can be longer to suit your personalized plan

Your Follow-Up Care

Your Follow-Up Care

Follow-up appointments:

  • Are customized to meet the individual's goal

  • May include a food challenge to prove that you can safely eat more than your maintenance dose

  • May include adjusting the frequency of your maintenance dose down from daily to every other day to twice per week to weekly

  • Typically occur every six months after reaching your maintenance dose

After you obtain your goals you will still have access to our 24-hour on-call support, we're always here for you.